onsdag 30 september 2015

Bibi väntar kattungar / Bibi is expecting kittens

In the beginning of August Patrik went to Helsinki with our Bibi (from
our B-litter) to let her meet "Magnus", Hana-Bi Bieggagállis Sámi.
We were lucky since they fell in love and now Bibi is
expecting their kittens. She got a big belly and we
feel small movements from there.

Bibi. Her parents are S*Barynia's Wilma and DE*Nikolaj vom ZarenSilber


This is Magnus also called "Maggie", the father of
our coming litter. He was born 17 Jan 2014.
"Maggie" is a strong, masculine and well muscled
Russian Blue male bred in the Hana-Bi Cattery
in Helsinki, Finland (FIFe). 
His pedigree name is
CH Hana-Bi Bieggagállis Sámi.  We are very happy that
we could choose Magnus as father of our
coming F-litter. Thank you Marianna, Harri and 
Michael! Photo Marianna Ripatti

He has a nice angular profile and lovely fur with excellent contrast
between blue colour and silver sheen. Photo Marianna Ripatti

Photo Marianna Ripatti

Here it is easy to see "Maggies" strong RB profile.
Photo Marianna Ripatti

...and he has a lovely expression.
Photo Marianna Ripatti

To the right is "Maggies" father, Hana-Bi Timur and
to the left  is Timur's mother Hana-Bi Taikatalvi
(Maggies great mother) Photo Marianna Ripatti