tisdag 22 september 2015

Nu har Electra flyttat till Norge / Electra has moved to Norway to (NO) Thorelin's Russian Blue

Electra 14 weeks old and ready to move. We have got reports from Norway
that she already has become a happy member of her new big family.

It was a joy to have her her with us during the first part of her life. 

Electra has left many "foot prints" and will always have a special place
in our hearts. She is cousin of our previous litter, the Dreamsisters
Disa, Dinah and Diamond/Piko (who lives in Finland, FIN*Susanssin Cattery).
Now we wait for our F-litter to come.
Bibi is pregnant with the Finnish gentlemale"Magnus"
Hana-Bi Hana-Bi Bieggagállis Sámi. They have had
a love meeting in Helsinki.