fredag 14 augusti 2015

Electra 7 veckor / 7 weeks

At this point Electra has gained the RUS-look and expresses the BLUE in Russian Blue. The BLUE is one reason why we chose the breeders prefix S*KYANOS, it means blue, deep blue in Greek.

Fortfarande 6 veckor / still 6 weeks 

Electra 6 veckor / 6 weeks

onsdag 12 augusti 2015

5,5 vecka / 5,5 weeks. 

Her name will be Epic Electra

Thanks Elin for the input concerning the name! Electra is 
the perfect name for her. We are so happy and proud Inez'
and mr Darcy's RUS girl will move to Elin and Thore in Norway. 
They have been breeders of the Scandinavian Russian Blue type
 since long, their breeders prefix is (NO) Thorelin's. 
The beautiful RUS female Thorelin's Petite Doris is to be found
back in Electra's pedigree.
We also thank all nice people who have contacted us being
interested in Electra. This time only one girl was born here 
with us

5 veckor / 5 weeks

4,5 veckor /4,5 weeks